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Comfort, Style, safety and quality... Any solution for your domestic or foreign vehicle.  

The key to a successful transmission repair, re-build or replacement is properly diagnosing the problem. With the transmission still in the vehicle our tests are done. Scan testing first to check for codes, then checking recent data that had occurred when the problem first happened. 


A vehicle without AC can be a sweaty and uncomfortable ride. A properly working AC keeps you and everyone else in the vehicle comfortable and cool all the way to your destination. IBERIA AUTO SERVICE Technicians can assess interior climate control issues and are highly trained in A/C evacuation and recharge.


At IBERIA AUTO SERVICE our goal is to provide you with quality auto repairs and we always strive towards perfection. We offer mechanical repair, car paint services, painless dent repair and more.

In Iberia Auto Service we will correct your tires: take off the tires on your vehicle currently, and replace them and balance them with the tires you brought, or were stored with us. Prices vary depending on size. Also we offer tire purchasing.

Modern headlight lenses are made of poly carbonate and become discolored, oxidized, and scratched over time by weather and road debris. Cloudy headlights are a safety hazard. Performing a headlight restoration will remove oxidation and scratches to the lenses, and then sealing the lenses with a protective coating to improve your vehicle’s night-time road illumination and appearance. Expert headlight restoration service cleans and restores your lenses to like-new clarity at a fraction of the cost of headlight replacement.

From interior to exterior, and everything in between, stop by your local IBERIA AUTO SERVICE for an exceptional car detailing service.

In Iberia Auto Service we provide oil checks and change services. This service process includes: check oil condition, if needed removing old, dirty oil in a vehicle and replacing it with clean oil, oil filter replaceing.

We are proud to offer the best LED Bulbs on the market! Combined with the best installs

35W for $39.00

55W for $40.00 installation: $20.00

1 year warranty. parts and labor

We have slim ballast. All our kit comes with canbus.

Protect your vehicle from the summer heat by installing window films that offer dark sleek appearance but maintain the clarity from the interior cabin. We use a computer controlled plotter to cut out the film for your vehicle

IBERIA AUTO SERVICE lighting kits will give any vehicle a unique, head turning look and can be installed to any car, truck or limo as well as golf carts, RV's, boats and even home applications! We offer Interior/Exterior LED packages, LED accent lighting, Color-changing LED halos, LED Light bars & Spotlights, Motorcycle Accent lighting and more...


IBERIA AUTO SERVICE USING Best In Car Audio, Marine Audio, Power Sport Audio, Security, Remote Start, and Rear Seat Entertainment.

Vinyl wraps have become more popular with the rise of vinyl fiber parts being used on high end vehicles. Not only is it light and strong, it also looks cool and costs a pretty penny...Well wrapping is the affordable answer to bringing the styling to your vehicle. we offer vinyl finishes: carbon, gloss, satin, matte, carbon fiber and more.

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